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Experts in Business Law in Kyle, TX

When you start up a business, there are many factors and decisions to consider. One of the absolute most important things you have to think about, however, is the legal structure of your business as it will determine the way you run the company and how you will move forward. However, business law in Kyle, TX can be difficult for people to understand and many simply do not have the time to learn an entire field that people go to school for. That’s why the law firm of McFerrin and Zayed is here: in order to help you choose the best outcomes possible for in the selection, formation, and structuring of your new business.

The law firm of McFerrin & Zayed, PLLC provides comprehensive solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of your business and industry.  Whether you are constructing a business plan, selecting a business entity, contracting with another party, or in the process of winding up a partnership, our attorneys can provide you with a wide range of valuable legal services through our experience in business law in Kyle, TX.

The election of a specific business entity represents a crucial decision that you must make at the onset of forming your company.  This decision retains the potential for not only affecting the operations of your company, but also its future success. Thought must be given to issues such as tax implications, risk exposure, management structure, and decision-making authority. Because of the long-term implications related to choosing a specific business entity, the attorneys at McFerrin & Zayed, PLLC encourages you to seek the legal services of a licensed Texas attorney specializing in business law in Kyle, TX prior to forming your company.

We understand that successfully running a business requires you to make sound fiscal decisions.  Accordingly, the attorneys at McFerrin & Zayed, PLLC will always provide you with a free initial consultation.  Our firm does this because, while there may be many businesses that sell similar products or services, we understand that every business is different. Therefore, during the initial consultation, one of our attorneys will take the necessary time to sit down with you, ask questions, and learn about the unique characteristics of your business.  Specifically, we want to understand the obstacles, goals, and nuances that are exclusive to you and your business.  Then, based upon the information we glean during the initial consultation and, if needed, subsequent interviews, our attorneys specializing in business law in Kyle, TX will design a customized business solution that addresses the needs of your company.

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