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Finding a Divorce Lawyer in Kyle, TX
If you are going through a divorce or separation is important that you get a divorce lawyer in Kyle, Tx to be able to be led in the best direction. Our divorce lawyer in Kyle, Tx understands that this is a very difficult time in your life. During this time, you’ll need to make a lot of decisions that will affect the rest of your life – at a time when emotions may overwhelm your ability to think clearly. When it comes to the difficult and long divorce process you need to make sure that you and your family are being well taken care of.

Why Chose Us?
A divorce lawyer in Kyle, Tx will evaluate your situation and let you know the most likely outcome if you take your case to court. Based on their experience with the judge and similar cases to yours, they’ll be able to offer a variety of the best options to settle your case. Having trustworthy lawyers in Kyle, Tx - McFerrin and Zayed law firm – is the best choice for you.

The Process of Filing for Divorce with a Divorce lawyer
McFerrin and Zayed divorce lawyer in Kyle, Tx are the rights lawyers for your divorce process. This is a process that starts by filling out a document called a Complaint or a Petition, with the court. Then a copy of the Complaint is delivered to your spouse. A divorce lawyer in Kyle, Tx will assist you and send this out for you. Your spouse will then be given a certain number of days to respond to the complaint. How the case proceeds from there will depend upon how your spouse responds. You and your spouse may reach an agreement, your spouse may file a response or may not reply at all. Other documents may also need to be filed, most commonly financial statements. A divorce lawyer in Kyle, Tx will also be filling out these important documents for you. Things can become quite complicated and can tend to get confusing in many cases, with numerous documents being filed, and one or more formal court hearings. This process, again, can be extremely confusing and time-consuming. Make sure you reach out to our expert divorce lawyer in Kyle, Tx for your best representation.

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